Welcome to Corsana. A realm much like your own, yet filled with energies to alter reality, space and time. Where cities are filled with denizens looking to raise their children, build their lives, call a place home, and the lands are teeming with creatures, beasts, and monsters the likes your people would only ever consider a fanciful tale for books. … If only that were true.

For the truth of the matter is, your thoughts, my thoughts, our thoughts, are powerful. They’re potent. Brimming with a cosmic energy we have yet to understand. When we imagine something, creating a special space for it in our hearts, and begin pouring our blood, sweat, tears, and desires into it, though we may not see it, somewhere out there, in another universe, there is a spark, and something comes to life.

This is where Corsana lives.

It exists all around you, just out of phase from view. It’s that movement at the edge of your peripheral vision. The flicker of something moving by. It’s that feeling you get when you are home and you swear the house is empty, but the hairs on your arm stand up and you know you’re not alone.

 Maybe, if you’re quiet enough, you might hear the call. A whispering of your name that may lead you to a doorway from which you will never return.

So, remember everything. Commit it to memory. For it may save your life one day.

And with that… welcome to Corsana!